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Snore Guards

As dental professionals we are also equipped to help you with your snoring issues! We offer Snore Guards to help with snoring, fatigue, and sleep apnea. Snore Guards are also called mandibular advancement appliances or sleep appliances.

Some indicators of needing a sleep appliance are:

  • Loud snoring
  • Excessive daytime fatigue on a regular basis
  • A dry mouth upon waking up
  • Regular difficulty concentrating
  • Observation of your breathing stopping while you sleep (sleep apnea)

To provide the best recommendations possible, we want to get well acquainted with your needs and sleeping problems. Our first step would be to set up an initial evaluation of your nasal and oral passageways. You will then be referred to a sleep clinic to complete a home sleep study. Once we get the results from the home sleep study, your Doctor at Karo Dental will examine them and determine if you are a candidate for a Snore Guard.

You will then be booked an appointment for appliance records. We want to make sure your Snore Guard fits you like a glove, so an intra-oral exam, photos, and measurements are taken to ensure the appliance will sit comfortably.

Your custom appliance will be specifically fitted to you and to your needs, so you are sure to be more rested and snore less. Any adjustments needed will be made and a 6 week follow up appointment will be booked. Get the best sleep possible.

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