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Child at the Dentist

Treatment for every member of the family

At Karo Dental we are concerned with the prevention of disease; your oral health can affect your overall health. Our dentists diagnose, treat, and manage your oral health care needs; this includes gum care, root canals, emergency treatment, white fillings, crowns, veneers, bridges, and preventive education. We treat all ages and love to make patients feel relaxed and educated about their dental health.
Regular checkups will help your teeth stay cleaner, healthier, last longer and can prevent painful problems from developing. X-rays are taken so the dentist can have a visual of the inside of your teeth, the condition of your roots and the areas between your teeth. This helps to determine bone loss, root health and detects any cavities.

Cosmetic dentistry for a healthy, beautiful smile

A healthy, beautiful smile means a healthier, more confident you. By combining the science of general dentistry with the artistry of modern dental techniques, cosmetic services can provide you with the smile you have always dreamed of. We make sure any dental restorations, placed in your mouth are aesthetic, so the teeth look natural and vibrant.
We care about your overall health and would love to improve your smile with Invisalign, veneers or whitening and we even care how well you sleep. 
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